Center for Transformational Influence
Center for Transformational Influence
Carmell Clark

Welcome to Center for Transformational Influence

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Who We Are

We are an intimate online community where people from all backgrounds can practice, learn and grow.  In our community, we build self-awareness in real ways in order to nourish our self-acceptance. I call this method transformational influence.  

Each of us uniquely possess this transformative spark to find our perfect self-expression, and to support the same in others.  Through this spark, we create honest, sincere connections.  Then through our relationships of trust, we build better communities, synergistic solutions, sustainability, and lives full of purpose that we love.  

We all can choose to leave something better in the world for our having been here.  Caring for ourselves means first learning how, and then living a life we genuinely love.  This changes our world.

Carmell Clark is the founder of The Center for Transformational Influence.  Our mission is to build self-awareness in real ways in order to nourish our self-acceptance.  With greater self-acceptance, together we can transform our world.

Who Should Join

  • You don’t know what is next for you, and nothing is sparking for you.

  • You want your outer life to match what is in your heart. (or you want to start by knowing what is in your heart…)

  • You’ve moved beyond personal development and self-help and are looking for something more.

  • You totally dig science, psychotherapy, spirituality, common sense, and radical authenticity all flirting with each other.

  • You want to stop seeking validation.  Or, you don’t know yet that you want this ;)

  • It is time to up-level your life and you want a mentor and community who can challenge you where it matters.

  • Life has you feeling totally lost, and you don’t trust yourself.

  • You want a community where the questions are often more important than the answers.

  • You’re in your head all the time, and you know it’s getting in your way.

  • You’ve trusted others over trusting yourself--and you’re ready to trust yourself.

  • You want to be able to wholly accept yourself at every level of who you are--good, bad, and everything else.

What You'll Access

  • Our intimate community focused on practicing awareness and self-acceptance

  • New ideas posted weekly to ponder and discuss

  • Access to free programs, including the 7-day Self-Acceptance Challenge, the Self-Acceptance Assessment, and for a short time, the Forgiveness Reset.

  • Monthly activity / project

  • Monthly LIVE with Carmell - zoom meeting format

  • Discounts on Premium programs